I received a blog award!

Believe it or not, I received a blog award, straight from The Tsaritsa herself. Shout out, love your blog girl! Thanks for the award! I know I've been mentioning her a lot, but it's not my fault, I swear, she's just awesome. Everyone should check her out. Just saying :)

Anyways, the rules of blog awards, or something, state that I have to feed you guys 7 fun, unique, or at least somewhat interesting facts about myself. That you may or may not know. Sooo... here goes:

1. I am absolutely petrified of pretty much anything with more than 4 legs. So insects, spiders, scorpions, etc. All the tiny things in life. Snakes, however, with no legs, are not a problem. I love them.

2. I love animals, and would love to own a big house with lots of animals in it eventually. Kind of like a crazy cat lady, but not just cats. Want to keep my crazy options open. Maybe I'll be the crazy hampster lady?

3. Reading is something I've always loved, even though I read too fast and almost always have to read a book twice to understand it.

4. I'm a big nerd at heart, I love learning new things, playing on the computer, and playing video games.

5. Kind of a segway off the last one, I'm not an especially social person. I like spending time with people, I'm not a hermit or anything, but I really enjoy sitting down by myself and just relaxing, knitting, listening to music, watching tv, etc.

6. I have a 6 year old daughter, who is the cutest thing ever, that changed my life. I was 17 when I had her, and I wouldn't take it back. I love her very much, and I don't feel that I've missed out on anything because of her.

7. Last but not least, in case anyone hasn't picked up on it, I'm a lesbian. I'm getting married at the end of this month (August 31st!!) to the best, most wonderful, most supportive woman I've ever met.

Now, onto the 9 blogs I think deserve this award:

Rob Johnson from Rob's World
Annah from Red Means Go
Deanna Duke from Crunchy Chicken
Tamara from Quest for Happiness
Lisa from Condo Blues
Beth Terry from Fake Plastic Fish
Mark and Melanie from No New Plastic
PrettyPrincessXo from I wish I was a Disney Princess
Amanda Lynne from 20 Something and Loving It?

They all rock for different reasons, and you should totally check them all out.

Peace, love, and happiness to everyone

Simply Me


PrettyPrincessXo said...

Thank you so much!!! I am with you on the bugs!! BUT I am totally creeped out by worms and slugs, yuck!

Simply Green said...

Ugh slugs are just slimy, haha, but they don't scare me :) Thanks for dropping by

Beth @ Fake Plastic Fish said...

Thank you! Great company to be in.


Simply Green said...

Glad you dropped by Beth, you are my idol :)

Robj98168 said...

Wow U ==I don't believe it, what a group of bloggers and I am part of it. Thank you so much.

Simply Green said...

You are very welcome, thank you for putting up posts, info, personal experiences for me (and everyone else) to read :)