Day 14 — Someone I’ve drifted away from

We're on day 14! Almost halfway through this challenge. It has been fun, hopefully everyone has enjoyed reading my mini-epiphanies.

Onwards to today's tweet, someone I've drifted away from.

There's a few people I've drifted away from, but more commonly it's them who have drifted. Having had my daughter at the end of grade 11, a lot of my then friends were still all into hanging out, partying, drinking, going out whenever they want, etc. You know, things that high school kids like doing. So it was a natural moving away that occurred.

That being said, I have moved away from my mom's cousin, Jen. She was my pseudo-big-sister for a while, many years, while she lived with my parents after she moved to my hometown. She has since moved about 4 hours away with her husband, and has 2 kids, with another on the way. I believe that I actually already tweeted to her...  Yep, I did, right here.

That's okay, it's my blog. I can tweet to who I want to. So I'm going to tweet her again.

@JennayBird I wish we lived closer, I miss our conversations and I miss helping you study. Your company and your opinions are always valuable to me.

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