Day 15 of 30: The person I miss the most

I guess, since it says it right in the title of this day's challenge, that this tweet has to be forwarded to a person. Hmm... Try to be original here, Laura, come on. No need to repeat people again. That's just lame.

Alright, so here we are, exactly halfway through the 30 day challenge, and I might be stuck. Sounds lame, but I'm thinking as I'm typing, I'm not much of a planner haha.

So, I will put forth... my old store manager, Drew.

This tweet's for you!

@WhosTheMan Great personalities spread joy and confidence, and that's what you did. You were definitely top 2 store managers, and I envy your employees.

Yes, that should do. He was as close of a friend as a boss and an employee can be, and I loved working for him. I still see him periodically, and we chat. But I do miss having him at work and keeping all the young upstarts under control (haha, that makes me sound SO OLD!)

Peace and joyfulness,

Simply Me


theTsaritsa said...

That's a nice shout-out! Not enough people feel appreciated for their work.

Simply Green said...

True that, especially when they are the one's in charge.