Saving the world during back to school? Why not?

Inspired by The EcoDiva's 16 green back to school tips, I am going to share the green back to school things I did this year for my daughter (who is starting grade 1 in September), as well as the things I plan to do throughout the school year.

Green things I did:
  • Bought pencils in bulk
  • Purchased a fabric pencil case, even though the list said to get a hard plastic one (no way!)
  • Only got one box of freezer bags, and will send them as needed, instead of blinding sending 2 full boxes as requested
  • Reusing previously purchased scissors/crayons/markers from her art collection and last year
  • Picked the paper duotangs instead of plastic
  • Got a paper 2-pocket folder, instead of plastic
  • Avoided purchasing a pack of pencils wrapped in plastic, in favour of a box slightly more expensive packaged in cardboard with no plastic window 
  • Continuing to reuse her stainless steel water bottle, she loves it, it's covered in monkeys
 Green things I wish I did:
  • Not bought pre-cut tennis balls (turns out it was a waste of money, and they're useless for anything aside from putting on chair legs)
  • Shopped around for PCRM** in her duotangs/folders/pencils/etc
  • Not done any shopping at Walmart (damn the convenience of that hated store!)
 Green things I plan to do:
  • Look around for good deals on stationary and school supplies at all stores, including second hand stores
  • Check the internet for any deals at any of my favourite green shopping websites, and look for new favourites
  • When she needs clothes, head to the 2nd hand store up the street for clothes instead of Walmart/Childrens Place/etc
  • Repurpose her smaller clothes with long sleeves/pants that still fit around into t-shirts/tank tops and shorts (done once already this year)
  • Educate her on the perils and concerns with using hand sanitizer (especially since I'm sure the school has them ALL OVER THE PLACE!)
  • Keep talking to her about advertising, since she seems to be a royal sucker for TV ads ("you need to get Bounce dryer bars, they're the best! The TV said so!" Oysh, thankfully we are watching more movies lately)

How about you, other lovely people? If you have children, what things have to done to lessen the impact of the dreaded back to school shopping without busting either your wallet or the environment?

And those of you without kids, do you take advantage of back to school shopping season to stock up while the awesome sales are going on? Buy up your favourite clothes, stationary, backpacks, etc?

Any new ways of taking advantage of the sales that are out there are always appreciated and will be spread to friends and family.

Love and serenity,

Simply Me

**Post Consumer Recycled Materials

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