Day 8 of 30: Favourite Internet Friend ... AND fun new ways to reuse old coffee grounds!

So today's Challenge Tweet is to be directed at a favourite internet friend. This may sound surprising, but I actually don't have many internet friends. I have people who's blog I follow, or people who I talk to primarily over the internet, but no one who I can honestly say that I met online and only (or primarily) talk to online. So I'm going to send this tweet out to Crunchy Chicken, who despite being a mother and wife, and having a job, manages to keep the rest of her viewers and readers entertained. Myself included.

@CrunchyChicken You are an inspiration and a fantastic person. You reach out to people you have never met, both to support them and be supported. You rock!

Click HERE!

And for today, a fun little link for new ways to reuse coffee grounds!

We've all heard of throwing them in your compost, or sprinkling them in your garden to help keep pests away and fertilize them. Well, here at Simply Green, I am passing on a new list which piqued my interest.

Some of the fresh ideas are: skin exfolliant! (fabulous!) furniture scratch fix! (who doesn't need that when you have pets?) and deodorizer! (for your fridge, skin, shoes, anything!)

So if you like to reuse stuff, and love your coffee, click the photo caption above and read up on The Good Human's top 16 ways to reuse coffee grounds.

Lots of love, all,

Simply Me


theTsaritsa said...

Great uses for used coffee!

Simply Green said...

Gotta love finding new uses for things seen as "trash" :)