Day 6 of 30 - A Stranger... and A Dream??

So today's tweet goes to a stranger. What is that supposed to mean? Haha, guess this is where creativity and imagination comes in.

@Stranger I have never met you, and I may never meet you, but you are beautiful and worthy of love. As long as you keep smiling, I will smile back

Also, ironic due to yesterday's challenge tweet, I had a dream. It was more like a scene from a horror movie.

I was a girl, not quite like myself, but similar. Standing in a downtown type area, with construction supports and scaffolding all around. There was a man next to me, he was a co-worker. I believe I was a construction worker, as was he. We were discussing lunch breaks, as he usually went before me, but I was super hungry or something so wanted to go first. He didn't seem impressed, but let me go first anyways, parting with a "oh, okay, whatever". I walked away, through the downtown area, searching for a store. Which store, I'm not sure. I get to what looks like an open warehouse/garage type building, and see someone inside that I recognize. So I go inside. But she's talking to someone else, and just as I get to about 6 feet away, I hear in a man's voice "oh, okay, whatever" It was my coworker. Instantly frightened and unnerved, I start walking away. Then he sees me, and starts chasing me with a knife. Looks like a sharp one. I run, as fast as I can (which isn't too fast apparently) and he catches up and stabs me many times in the back. I'm crying, bleeding, and somehow I manage to get up and run towards the building and towards the girl that I knew. Then, view from above the situation, the guy stops dead, takes a stance, and throws the knife right towards me. It hits me right in the lower spine, and I fall, feeling a dull ache where the knife hit, feeling the blood drain out. 

I wake up. My back still feels odd where the knife hit me in the dream. I kept my eyes open for a while, trying to push the fear and worry out of my head so I can fall back asleep.

What the heck was that all about? I don't understand.

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