Monday Musing: Happy thoughts

Sometime this past weekend, the issue of labeling others as "gay-haters" (in this particular incident) simply because they did not do what was wanted of them came across to me as it's own form of discrimination. How can people of a minority (gays, coloured people, blind/deaf, etc) base the opinions of others on something so small? How can one say that they don't treat everyone like that, and the person of minority is assuming that it's simply with them that there is a problem?

Discrimination takes many forms, you need to think positively to affect positive change. If you automatically assume that whoever has done you a wrong is discriminating against you, then you are discriminating against yourself, because it means that you feel that something about you is worthy of being treated as less.

Take charge, tell yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. Because there isn't. You are all beautiful, wonderful, perfectly unique people. And people are not all the same. So rejoice in your differences, for they make you, you.

Peace and love,

Simply Me

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Denise said...

I think about this so much... my best friend is gay, and although I love him more than any other friend I've ever had, I'm not afraid to admit that he is the most judgmental person I know.

He is beautiful, I'll give him that; but on the inside he is full of hate and resentment. Now, he was abused, and that's not easy to get over; but the way he acts toward others (black people, Asians, other gay people who are deemed "ugly") just breeds more hate.

A while ago he and I were talking about why he is so judgmental and I told him it’s because he wins when you measure people on looks alone, so he discriminates, comes out on top, and feels good about himself for 5 minutes. But when you judge someone based on who they are as a person you have no idea what you’ll get until you plunge into a relationship and put yourself out there. And guess what? You don’t automatically win that one. So it’s easier to judge, be mean, and have fleeting happiness… not really, but that’s how he sees things. I hope that changes.

Simply Green said...

It's always hard to accept, forgive, and move forward from abuse. I have known many people who have experience it, and everyone reacts to it differently.

Beauty and external appearances are only so much, if you are an ugly person inside, you won't hold people as dearly because you'll always be looking for the worst in them. Not to mention that others will see how you treat strangers, and be unhappy towards you.

There is only so much you can do to change people, just try to be accepting, and loving, and hope that he comes out of it. :) Be your best, and hope that it spreads from you.