Day 5 of 30: My dreams

So, I have to write a tweet to my dreams. That's kind of challenging, seeing as I rarely remember my dreams. It's almost as if I just fall asleep, then wake up, with no recollection of anything. Apart from apparently talking in my sleep, I have no proof that I do dream.

So here goes:

@MyLackOfDreams I wish I could remember you, but you evade me each night. Please stop doing that, as I'd like to know what I think while I'm sleeping. Thanks

Anyone else wanting to try this challenge? It's kind of fun, makes you think, since you have to put all your thoughts on the subject into a single 140 characters. Of course, you can always change it up and make your own rules.

Let me know if anyone reading this starts this challenge thanks to me and the link I provided here which links back to here

Lots of love to all


theTsaritsa said...

I hate it when I can't remember a dream, especially if it was a good one!

Simply Green said...

That sucks, or when you wake up and your dream was interrupted. How does it end? Haha :)