Monday Musing: Automatic negative reactions

Changes in perspective are a necessary part of growing up and maturing. Understanding your own reaction to other people's comments and attitudes is essential.

I don't like being wrong. I hate it when someone points out something I've either done wrong or forgotten. It makes me feel inadequate, inferior, and useless. But I have no reason to take out my anger and denial on those I love. My wife was getting the anger because I didn't want to admit that my behaviour may have been wrong.

Now that I have acknowledged and validated that thought process within myself, I can stop myself when I feel it happening. I can notice it and stop myself to pay attention to what is causing this reaction.

Paying attention to negative reactions within yourself can save you future headaches and stress.

What is there that triggers you into a defensive position, and what do you do to keep yourself from taking out your anger/frustration/fear on those around you?

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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