Brown-bag it!

So since I now have a desk job, and come home significantly less stressed every day, brown-bagging my lunch and snacks should be easy. It is a cheap way to eat, and it's also way healthier. Not to mention the fact that it's way easier to avoid as much waste as possible.

Except that I'm running low on ideas. We rarely have leftovers, since we make pretty much enough to feed everyone.

Right now, I take one container (cottage cheese size) of veggies, and one container (same size) of fruit. I have been bring along extra plums, since they're super ripe and we have a whole basket of them to eat. I bring a bagel, or bread, and put peanut butter on it.

It's kind of boring. I need ideas.

Anyone have any quick and easy ideas? I was thinking of possibly making a huge batch of pasta salad to keep in the fridge for quick lunches, since I love pasta salad, but I don't have any good sauce recipes.

Help me out here people! Please!

Thanks in advance!

Simply Me


crstn85 said...

I have been eating lots of hummus. Different flavors and with crackers or pita to have some variety.

Simply Green said...

You just reminded me that I have dehydrated chickpeas! They're in the fridge right now soaking. Thanks for the reminder, I haven't had hummus in forever!