100 posts!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting for a quick milestone post! Monday's musings will resume next Monday.

Yes, that's right. I am making a gratuitous 100th post post! In commemoration of my 100th post, I'm going to post my top 10 favourite posts from my archive. For your enjoyment. Let me know what you think, let me know if you think I left one of your favourite posts out.

Top 10 in no particular order:

1. Youtube, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
2. I received a blog award!
3. Day 6 of 30 - A Stranger... and A Dream??
4. Monday Musing: Happy thoughts
5. Personal revisitation of yoga
6. All Natural Cleaning products... found in your medicine cupboard and baking supplies!
7. My camping experience
8. Day 13 of 30: Someone I wish could forgive me
9. Monday Musing: Automatic negative reactions
10. Wednesday's small step: Recipe sharing

I'm also going to post my top 9 posts based on pageviews (since my stat page only gives me nine). Just for fun :)

1. Idea
2. I received a blog award!
3. Personal cooking experiment
4. Giving hurts sometimes, but it's worth it
5. Wednesday's small step: New pastimes
6.30 Tweets for 30 Peeps Challenge - Day 1
7. My take on Earth Hour
8. Day 9 of 30: Someone I wish I could meet
9. My camping experience

What do you think?

I think I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with this, and expanding my subject matter. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and giving myself more freedom to expand on ideas makes it a lot easier to be inspired.

What inspires you?

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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