Wednesday's Small Steps: Buy one thing per grocery trip organic or local

One small step towards sustainability, sometimes they are very small.

This week, our small step is:

When you go to the grocery store, buy one thing that is either local or organic instead of the regular one you usually get. That doesn't mean just to grab something that is organic/local that you normally wouldn't get. It means to replace something that you buy regularly with an organic or local counterpart.

This week, after I had already bought my butter, I found organic butter. Next time I need some, I'm getting that. I also have replaced regular peanut butter with the organic version (actually tastes better!) and strawberry jam, until I learn to make my own, has been replaced with organic as well. Just this past shopping trip, I got organic yogurt, since I haven't gotten around to making my own (I only just got a thermometer, throw me a bone!)

My jam-y goodness! So tasty

Give it a try, help your local agriculture and economy, and improve your health too!

Let me know what you try to replace, and keep me posted. Maybe you'll find something that I don't know of yet, or maybe you can learn from the other comments!

Health and vitality,

Simply Me

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forestwalk/laura k said...

very cool suggestions.
a couple of shopping trips ago...i decided to quit buying the new 'body soap' in plastic bottles...and started buying the 'natural' bar soap...the kind from the health food store without all the stuff you can't pronounce in it!
next time i make a run to the local market...i'm gonna do what you suggested...take ONE thing from my list & replace it with organic.
i already DO try to buy local produce! :]

Simply Green said...

I love local, and it's almost a game to search for it. I also recently switched to a pure vegetable glycerin bar soap and haven't gone back.

Update me on what you find! :)