Writing exerpt: The field

Since I've managed to stimulate my creative brain, I've actually written a couple of passages for some potential short/long stories. So, periodically, I'm going to write a little exerpt of it, for your enjoyment. And to get my stuff out there.

Critique if you want, or just read and enjoy. Either way, I would like to hear what you think.


A dry blue haze floats inches above the ground. Small paths is the smog could be seen where an animal has walked through, oblivious to the surreality. Bright city lights could be seen from adjacent blocks, yet this field lay in the dark. People could be seen walking by, visibly avoiding the smoky field despite the fact that it would shorten their trip. There was someting about this field, so innocuous by day, that repelled visitors by night. Was there some unseen force that had taken up house? Or was it simply a trick of the eyes due to the field being completely immersed in dark? None were daring enough to find out.

It had been nearly three years since anyone had stepped foot onto that field after sunset. Three years during which that patch of grass became slowly overgrown. The number of people passing through it, even during the brightest daylight hours, had dwindled in number. Even those responsible for it's maintenance no longer visited it. Superstitions had begun to surface, some said even looking at the field was an omen of bad luck. Only the bravest, or the most disobediant, children dared step foot on that field into the overgrown weeds and wildflowers.

That's where I'm stuck so far. What do you think? Think it's worth expanding on, think it's the lamest thing you've ever read? Either way, and anything in between, let me know. Your opinion is important to me.

Peace and creativity,

Simply Me

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