Premium prices on premium products

Organics cost more than non-organics. We have mostly accepted that as a society. You pay a premium price, you get a premium product. Organics have many health benefits, as well as ecological benefits.

What about packaging? Sometimes the product you want (take for example, sketching pencils) will come in a variety of packaging. Will you pay the extra for the packaging you want?

I was at Michael's (local art store) looking for some sketching pencils and paper sketch pads. They had a variety of packs of pencils, most of which came in plastic, or cardboard with a plastic window. There was one package which, not only came with a great variety of pencil strengths, came in a little tin box. Now, to me, it was worth paying the extra 2-3$ for this, because the tin box will be useful, and it's less plastic being disposed of. This little tin box will keep my pencils from breaking as easily, and keep the cat from using them as toys.

Do you find that you're willing to pay extra for optimal packaging for the products you want?

If a store doesn't have a product with the packaging you're looking for, will you hold out until you find it?

Peace and curiosity,

Simply Me

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