Personal health tips to avoid the flu

With flu season beginning to bear it's ugly head, and myself just getting over a nasty cold, I figured I would share my thoughts on germophobia.

Keep in mind, these are my personal views, and if you don't like them, that's fine.

1. Hand sanitizer is a waste of money. It's cold, feels gross on your hands, makes you smell like a booze-hound, and is overall bad for you immune system.

Why? Because your body needs to maintain a certain number of bacteria to balance it's own system, and to keep your immune system in check. Using hand sanitizer just kills off all the bacteria, making your system start fresh. With consistent use, it also tells your body that it doesn't need to create those anti-bacterical systems, and lowers your own personal immune system. Just wash your hands regularly with plain soap (not that antibacterial junk).

2. Keep warm. I know, technically you don't get sick by being cold. But it certainly doesn't make you feel any better! Throw on an extra layer, and your body will thank you. Plus, you'll exert less energy shaking/shivering, and won't lose hydration so quickly.

3. Drink your liquids!!! This has to be the worst thing that people don't do when they're feeling ill. They stop drinking. Worst thing. Ever. Keeping yourself hydrated will make your body continuously flush out all the nasty crap in your system, keeps the good bacteria where they are, and keeps your kidneys and other organs happy. So just drink something.

4. Get your rest where you can. If your body isn't rested, it can't fight off bacteria or other infections. Try to squeeze in at least 7 hours a night, preferably undisturbed. If you're having trouble sleeping, try avoiding caffeine and sugar after 7pm (or approximately 2-3 hours before you're heading to bed) and don't drink too much before bed.

These are just the basics, the commandments, that I follow pretty much year round. Just remember, if you treat your body well, it's more likely to treat you well in return. Give it what it needs, and it will work harder for you.

Peace and health,

Simply Me

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