Wednesday's Small Step: Just be write about it!

Today we're going to take a step in a slightly different direction. Slightly.

This week's small step is: Write it down!

Does that seem odd? It shouldn't. Writing things down is a very good way to remind yourself of anything.

See a sale? Write it down.
Find a recipe? Write it down.
Overhear something that interests you? Write it down.

Catching on? It's a very good way to remind yourself and keep note of things that you deem important.

Personally, I keep 2 notebooks on me at pretty much all times.

One for creative writing, any ideas come to mind, they go in there.

Second for life writing. So recipes I find that I like, things I think of that relate to real life and not imagination, ideas for what to write here. You get the picture.

Obviously, this didn't start so big. It started with a tiny little spiral bound notebook with the binding along the top. I still have that notebook, I keep track of prices in the grocery stores with it.

So this week, try keeping a small notebook with you, with a pen or pencil.

And write down anything that comes to mind, any idea you might have. Because trusting yourself to remember it, no matter how good your memory actually is, it not a safe bet. Things happen, and urgent needs come up, and ideas just fall by the wayside. Be safe, be cautious, just write it down.

You won't regret it.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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