Adopting Simplicity: Ask yourself this...

When trying to determine a task/item/pastime/etc...'s priority, as yourself this:

Does it fulfill me in any way? Meaning, does having it around make you feel better, more accomplished, or does it just serve as a status symbol?

Can I enjoy it? Is it something that will get active use, or just sit in a corner/on a shelf/in a closet for months/years?

Why do I have this? Did you buy it because someone else had one, and so you felt that you needed it? Or is it something that you can truly use to benefit yourself somehow?

Ask yourself these simple questions when making choices about anything that takes your time or money. Make sure that when you spend money, you really get your value out of it. If it's something that will go out of style in less than five years, is it really worth your energy now?

Take a breath, and remember that all you can be is all that you want to be. You just need to take the steps to get there. Ensuring that you are not surrounded by things that distract you from your goals is a surefire way to find the energy to push yourself towards them.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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forestwalk/laura k said...

i have never been one to SPEND...just for the sake of having...what others have. i've never been one to follow fads...or do something just to 'keep up with the joneses'.

i don't buy...just to spend $$.
i TRY to live more simply...but i know i need to try a little harder.

you're so right...more people need to ask this really what i it something that i really NEED??! and why?!

living a little 'simpler' helps us to notice the smaller...little things in life...the things that tend to go un-noticed...

nice post...thanks! :]

Simply Green said...

I have been known to follow fads, but now I've opened my eyes, and I can stop myself and say "why am I doing this?" It's a hard skill to learn, but so important. Scary to think that this consumerist society was created, it was never supposed to be like this.

Thank you for coming by :)