Adopting Simplicity: Be Here Now

Life is buzzing all around, and you feel jostled and rushed. How can you enjoy life and embrace what you have when you constantly feel pushed, prodded, hurried? Answer: you can't.

You can't always be thinking about what's next, and still enjoy what's happening around you.

You have to Be Here Now.

Pay attention to where you are at any given moment, and what you're doing. When you do something, do it completely. Don't multitask, unitask. Spend all your focus on one thing. When you're reading, read. Try to avoid doing multiple things at once, because your focus will be dispersed, and you will have a hard time truly enjoying what you're doing.

When you're eating, enjoy the flavours, the textures. Take smaller bites, and chew a little slower. Taste the flavours in your mouth.

When you're reading, focus on the words and the pictures they create in your mind. Imagine the book as reality, and immerse yourself into it fully.

When you're washing dishes, feel the warm soapy water on your hands, and the cleansing power it has on the dishes. Feel the dishes as they lose their dirt and become clean.

Enjoy the little things you do, and they will bring you ever more pleasure.

Because life is for the living, so live in the now.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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